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  • V. Latyshev
  • 2008 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital…
  • 2008
The subspace-based technique is used for the estimation of the time of arrival and Doppler shift of a signal of the known waveform. The tool to find required subspaces is a special orthogonal decomposition of received data. It allows concentrate Fisher information about desired parameter in a small number of the first terms of the decomposition. This(More)
The p roces s of t r ansamida t ion on a f rac t ional dist i l lat ion column proceeds to an equal degree in 1.5-4 h both for piper idides and for morphol ides . The yield of piper idides , conver ted to the acid taken ranges f rom 55.6 to 83%, and for morphol ides f r o m 60 to 92%. Piper id ides and morphot ides of oleie and undecylenic acids were(More)
One of the mos t effective repellents which are finding wide application for protect ion of people f rom blood-sucking insects is the N,N-diethylamide of m-toluic acid (diethyltoluamide) [1]. Among the industrial methods of production, two methods are known for preparing diethyltoluamide f rom m-toluic a c i d t h e socalled acid chloride [2] and the(More)
Prostatic adenoma gives rise to urodynamic disorders, affects not only sexual function and quality of men's life but also, indirectly, women's health. We have developed indications for concervative treatment of prostatic adenoma with transurethral radiowave hyperthermia (TRH). It was found that TRH has a positive early effect on a general somatic condition(More)
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