Victor Korotkikh

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An amplitude analysis of an exclusive sample of 5765 events from the reaction pi- p-->eta'pi- p at 18 GeV/c is described. The eta'pi- production is dominated by natural parity exchange and by three partial waves: those with J(PC) = 1(-+), 2(++), and 4(++). A mass-dependent analysis of the partial-wave amplitudes indicates the production of the a2(1320)(More)
A general condition determining the optimal performance of a complex system has not yet been found and the possibility of its existence is unknown. To contribute in this direction, an optimization algorithm as a complex system is presented. The performance of the algorithm for any problem is controlled as a convex function with a single optimum. To(More)
The design, construction, and performance of a 198-element CsI detector built for Brookhaven experiment E852 is described. Design considerations for the array included such factors as rate, magnetic eld, sensitivity and acceptance. Signals were obtained with a photodiode/preampliier combination 1 using PIN photodiodes. Data were taken over the course of two(More)
Details of the analysis of the ηπ − system studied in the reaction π − p → ηπ − p at 18 GeV/c are given. Separate analyses for the 2γ and π + π − π 0 decay modes of the η are presented. An amplitude analysis of the data indicates the presence of interference between the a − 2 (1320) and a J P C = 1 −+ wave between 1.2 and 1.6 GeV/c 2. The phase difference(More)