Victor Korneev

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The main obstacle for obtaining fast domain decomposition solvers for the spectral element discretizations of the 2-nd order elliptic equations was the lack of fast solvers for local internal problems on subdomains of decomposition and their faces. As was recently shown by Korneev/Rytov, such solvers can be derived on the basis of the specific interrelation(More)
The pattern of DNA degradation in thymocytes of irradiated or hydrocortisone-treated rats has been studied by means of flow cytometry of the cells, treated with probes specifically bound to the AT or GC-pairs of DNA. It has been shown that the death of thymocytes is accompanied by a decrease in their DNA content. The main features of the occurrence and(More)
The appearance of newly synthesized proteins in the total protein fraction of a cell-free protein-synthesizing system not containing ribosomes and mRNA and enriched with polyenzyme complexes of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and corresponding proteins is proved experimentally. For modeling of extraribosomal protein biosynthesis we proposed a molecular(More)
A posteriori error estimation by means of the exactly equilibrated fields Powered by TCPDF ( Abstract In this paper, we advocate the " classical " approach to the a posteriori error estimation , which for the theory elasticity problems stems from the Lagrange and Castigliano variational principles. In it, the energy of the error of an(More)
The paper describes how an activity is going on for a design, development and realisation of a large 12-meter deployable reflector antenna for space applications. The reflector antenna system is subject of an ESA contract awarded to Alenia Spazio as a prime contractor. The Russian company NPO EGS is responsible as sub-contractor for an important element,(More)
BPS is a well known an efficient and rather general domain decomposition Dirichlet-Dirichlet type preconditioner, suggested in the famous series of papers Bramble, Pasciak and Schatz (1986-1989). Since then, it has been serving as the origin for the whole family of domain decomposition Dirichlet-Dirichlet type preconditioners-solvers as for h so hp(More)