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The paper presents a new method for checking Uniqueand Complete State Coding, the crucial conditions in thesynthesis of asynchronous control circuits from Signal TransitionGraphs (STGs). The method detects state coding conflictsin an STG using its partial order semantics (unfoldingprefix) and an integer programming technique. This leads tohuge memory(More)
Model checking based on Petri net unfoldings is an approach widely applied to cope with the state space explosion problem. In this paper, we propose a new condensed representation of a Petri net's behaviour called merged processes, which copes well not only with concurrency, but also with other sources of state space explosion , viz. sequences of choices(More)
The behaviour of asynchronous circuits is often described by Signal Transition Graphs (STGs), which are Petri nets whose transitions are interpreted as rising and falling edges of signals. One of the crucial problems in the synthesis of such circuits is deriving equations for logic gates implementing each output signal of the circuit. This is usually done(More)
Synthesis of asynchronous circuits from Signal Transition Graphs (STGs) involves resolving state coding conflicts. The refinement process is generally done automatically using heuristics and often produces sub-optimal solutions, which have to be corrected manually. This paper presents a framework for an interactive refinement process aimed to help the(More)