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The purpose of this study was to quantify body composition changes during amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) progression and to determine whether these subjects were losing or maintaining the energy stored in their bodies. The body composition of 12 males in the early stages of ALS and 6 age-matched controls was measured twice over a 6-month period using(More)
To determine if structural changes in forearm resistance vessels are associated with insulin resistance, we evaluated the relation between minimum forearm vascular resistance and insulin resistance in 95 obese adolescents before and after weight loss. Insulin resistance was assessed by fasting insulin levels and sum of insulin values after an oral glucose(More)
To determine the role of aldosterone in the regulation of blood pressure (BP) in obese adolescents, supine and 2-hour upright plasma renin activity (PRA), and aldosterone and cortisol were measured in 10 nonobese and 30 obese adolescents before and after a 20-week weight loss program. The obese adolescents had significantly higher supine and 2-hour upright(More)
Post-meal energy expenditure (TEM) was compared for 14 healthy obese (body fat = 45.3%, body mass index, BMI = 35.9 kg m-2) and 9 healthy nonobese (body fat = 20.7%, BMI = 17.8 kg m-2) adolescent girls. The test meal for both groups was a standard 3348.8-kJ, 0.473-1 chocolate milkshake of 15% protein (casein), 40% fat (polyunsaturated/saturated ratio =(More)
The effects of double neuromuscular facilitation (DNF) in unilateral movements and of quadruple neuromuscular facilitation (QNF) in bilateral movements were studied in 42 physically active college-age male subjects. Results showed a 10.4% significant increase of maximal knee extension torque output when unilateral extension was preceded by a knee flexion on(More)
Breast volume and body composition were measured in 45 adult females to determine the contribution of breast weight and breast volume to total body fat. Plaster casts were filled with sand of known density to obtain breast volume. Breast weight was computed as breast volume times its density. The correlation between total breast volume and percent body fat(More)
This review examines associations between physical activity (PA) and cognitive, behavioral, and physiological outcomes in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We reviewed studies on participants ≤18 years old, published in English between January 1998 and December 2014, in PubMed, CINAHL, PsycINFO, and Cochrane Reviews. Twenty-six(More)
This study assessed the measurement reliability and validity of the Hydra-Fitness Omnitron, a microprocessor-controlled isokinetic ergometer that provides concentric resistance for dynamic extension and flexion movements as well as resistance for isometric contractions. Maximal peak torque output measured by the Omnitron and strain gauge devices connected(More)
The validity of self-appraisal of body frame size was investigated in 72 college-aged subjects (39 males and 33 females). Validity was assessed by comparing self-appraised frame size versus the quantitative "HAT" formulation, which includes stature and two trunk diameters. Frame size was also assessed separately, for each subject by an expert rater. Results(More)