Victor K. Y. Wu

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—The Query Tree Protocol (QT) in [1] is an efficient RFID tag singulation algorithm that is guaranteed to read all the tags in the broadcast range of a reader. However, QT ignores the capture effect. That is, after the reader broadcasts a bit string query prefix, it is assumed that it can distinguish one of three responses, namely {no response, one(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery is increasingly recognized as a means to reduce the morbidity and mortality of disabling impairments in resource-limited environments. We sought to estimate the burden of surgically correctable disabling impairments and the cost-effectiveness of their treatment among children in a large refugee camp. METHODS This is a chart review of(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital malformations are a significant component of the global burden of disease among children, accounting for 25 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) worldwide. Unfortunately, efforts to estimate the burden of pediatric surgical disease in Africa are limited by the absence of population-based data. The objective of this study was(More)
We create a distributed storage infrastructure by embedding passive RFID tags in trees, for forest search and rescue. As a hiker moves through the forest, her reader writes a unique identifier (ID) and increasing sequence numbers (SNs) to tags, called (ID,SN) pairs. This creates a digital path for searchers to follow if the hiker is lost. Since tag memory(More)
In this paper, we propose embedding RFID tags in trees in a forest to track hikers. Hikers are equipped with RFID readers, which read from and write to tags. Specifically, as a hiker moves through the forest, his/her reader leaves his/her ID and increasing sequence numbers (SNs) in tags. This creates a digital trail that allows the hiker to backtrack(More)
Cooperative relays can provide spatial diversity and improve performance of wireless communications. In this paper, we study subcarrier power allocation at the relays for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)-based wireless systems. For cooperative relay with amplify-and-forward(AF) and decode-and-forward (DF) algorithms, we investigate the(More)