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Error control codes are widely used to increase the reliability of transmission of information over various forms of communications channels. The Hamming weight of a codeword is the number of nonzero entries in the word; the weights of the words in a linear code determine the error-correcting capacity of the code. The r th generalized Hamming weight for a(More)
We present a linkable spontaneously anonymous group (LSAG) signature scheme (alternatively known as linkable ring signature scheme) satisfying the following three properties. (1) Anonymity, or signer indis-tinguishability. (2) Linkability: That two signatures by the same signer can be linked. (3) Spontaneity: No group secret, therefore no group manager or(More)
Absfruct-Simulated annealing is a computational heuristic for obtaining approximate solutions to combinatorial optimization problems. It is used to construct good source codes, error-correcting codes, and spherical codes. For certain sets of parameters codes that are better than any other known in the literature are found.
A ring signature scheme can be viewed as a group signature scheme with no anonymity revocation and with simple group setup. A linkable ring signature (LRS) scheme additionally allows anyone to determine if two ring signatures have been signed by the same group member. Recently, Dodis et al. [19] gave a short (constant-sized) ring signature scheme. We extend(More)
We present the first blind identity-based signcryption (BIBSC). We formulate its security model and define the security notions of blindness and parallel one-more unforgeability (p1m-uf). We present an efficient construction from pairings, then prove a security theorem that reduces its p1m-uf to Schnorr's ROS Problem in the random oracle model plus the(More)