Victor Jimenez

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Ciprian Chelba David Engle Frederick Jelinek Victor Jimenez Sanjeev Khudanpur Lidia Mangu Harry Printz Eric Ristad Ronald Rosenfeld Andreas Stolcke Dekai Wu Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD Department of Defense Fort Meade, MD U Politecnica de Valencia Valencia, Spain IBM Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights, NY Princeton University Princeton, NJ(More)
The period between isolation of HIV in the early 1980s and the development of effective viral inactivation procedures able to eradicate the virus from the blood supply was long and unfortunately many recipients of blood-derived products became infected; this translated into a devastating impact on their quality of life, quality of care as well as on their(More)
This report summarizes the work of the Dependency Language Modeling group at the 1996 Summer Speech Workshop at the Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University (WS96). We motivate and descibe a novel statistical language model that models the syntactic dependencies between words. The model is formulated in the maximum entropy(More)
Let f be a continuous map of an interval into itself having periodic points of period 2n for all n ≥ 0 and no other periods. It is shown that every neighborhood of f contains a map g such that the set of periods of the periodic points of g is finite. This answers a question posed by L. S. Block and W. A.
Manef Abderrabba Abha Agnihotri Andrew Allan Jean-Michel Ane Emilia L. Apostolova Klaus Appenroth Birgit Arnholdt-Schmitt Ricardo Aroca Isabel Arrillaga Folkard Asch Bayram Atasagun Keiichi Baba Shashi Babbar Frantisek Baluska Balazs Barna D. Bartels Carlos Bartoli Brigitta Basa Chris Beadle Ludger Beerhues Andres Belver Oliver Berkowitz Cincia Bertea(More)
Alcohol consumption has diverse and well-documented effects on the human immune system and its ability to defend against infective agents. One example is melioidosis, a disease caused by infection with Burkholderia pseudomallei, which is of public health importance in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, with an expanding global distribution. While B.(More)
Does there exist a connection between the political power and the tax administration? In this paper, we offer empirical evidence from Spain that there exists. First, the Spanish regional tax administration is not immune to the budgetary situation of the regional government, and tends to exert a greater (lower) effort in tax collection as the (expected)(More)
A nonsingular real matrix A is said to be inverse-positive if all the elements of its inverse are nonnegative. This class of matrices contains the M -matrices, from which inherit some of their properties and applications, especially in Economy. In this paper we present some new characterizations for inverse-positive matrices and we analyze when this concept(More)
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