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The Kagera basin is a high value ecosystem in the Lake Victoria watershed because of the hydrological and food services it provides. The basin has faced large scale human induced land use and land cover changes (LUCC), but quantitative data is to date lacking. A combination of ancillary data and satellite imagery were interpreted to construct LUCC dynamics(More)
Displacement of soil particles caused by erosion influences soil condition and fertility. To date, the cesium 137 isotope ((137)Cs) technique is most commonly used for soil particle tracing. However when large areas are considered, the expensive soil sampling and analysis present an obstacle. Infrared spectral measurements would provide a solution, however(More)
Soil organic carbon (SOC) constitutes a large pool within the global carbon cycle. Land use change significantly drives SOC stock variation. In tropical central and eastern Africa, how changes in land use and land cover impact on soil C stocks remains unclear. Variability in the existing data is typically explained by soil and climate factors with little(More)
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