Victor J. Sánchez-Morcillo

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This book is devoted to the formation and dynamics of localized structures (vortices, solitons) and of extended patterns (stripes, hexagons, tilted waves) in nonlinear optical resonators such as lasers, optical parametric oscillators, and photorefractive oscillators. Theoretical analysis is performed by deriving order parameter equations, and also through(More)
The Springer Series in Materials Science covers the complete spectrum of materials physics, including fundamental principles, physical properties, materials theory and design. Recognizing the increasing importance of materials science in future device technologies, the book titles in this series reflect the state-of-the-art in understanding and controlling(More)
We present the design of a structured material supporting complete absorption of sound with a broadband response and functional for any direction of incident radiation. The structure which is fabricated out of porous lamellas is arranged into a low-density crystal and backed by a reflecting support. Experimental measurements show that strong all-angle sound(More)
We present here a fast and easily realized computational approach based on the finite element methods with consistent and lumped mass matrices (CM-FEM and LM-FEM, respectively), and the Bloch's theorem, to calculate the elastic band structures of phononic crystals. Two improvements, the adjustment of the introduction of Bloch's theorem as well as weighting(More)
The acoustic properties of a three-dimensional sonic crystal made of square-rod rigid scatterers incorporating a periodic arrangement of quarter wavelength resonators are theoretically and experimentally reported in this work. The periodicity of the system produces Bragg band gaps that can be tuned in frequency by modifying the orientation of the square-rod(More)
We predict and show the existence of unlocked evanescent waves in two dimensional periodic structures. In a one dimensional periodic structure an evanescent mode are located either at the center or at the boundary of the Brillouin Zone, and the real part of wave-vectors is locked either to zero or to the modulation vector of the periodicity. However, we(More)
Since the last ten years, a signicant step has been reached in modern Non Destructive Testing (NDT) methods with the use of Time Reversal (TR) based Nonlinear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy (NEWS) methods for the localization of degradation or defects. We propose in this paper to present the critical analysis of using a 11cm×11cm×11cm 3D phononic crystal for(More)
We report a nonlinear acoustic system displaying excitability. The considered system is a magnetostrictive material where acoustic waves are parametrically generated. For a set of parameters, the system presents homoclinic and heteroclinic dynamics, whose boundaries define an excitability domain. The excitable behavior is characterized by analyzing the(More)