Victor I. Kostin

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In order to simulate the interaction of seismic waves with cavernous/fractured reservoirs, a finite-difference technique based on locally refined time-and-space grids is used. The need to use these grids is due primarily to the differing scale of heterogeneities in the reference medium and the reservoir. Domain Decomposition methods allow for the separation(More)
A Finite-difference method for simulation of sonic waves propagating in a vicinity of a borehole filled with fluid and surrounded by a 3D heterogeneous elastic medium is developed. The method utilizes an explicit second order of approximation FD scheme on staggered grids that approximates the elastodynamic system of equations in cylindrical coordinates. A(More)
The purpose of the work was to study effects of antianginal agents of various groups on the psychoemotional status and life quality (LQ) of elderly patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) and concomitant depression. The subjects of the study were 70 patients (35 men and 35 women) with stable angina and depression. The subjects were divided into 3 groups.(More)
The experiments on cats under the conditions of acute myocardial ischemia showed that malate (20 and 100 mg/kg) and NAD (0.2 and 2 mg/kg) are able of increasing the coronary blood flow against the background of insignificantly increased oxygen consumption by the heart. The combination of these drugs (malate 100 mg/kg + NAD 0.2 mg/kg) produces an increase in(More)
This paper presents a problem-oriented approach, designed for numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation in models containing geological formations with complex properties such as anisotropy, attenuation, and small-scale heterogeneities. Each of the named property requires special treatment which increases computational complexity of the algorithm in(More)