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—Motion planning in high dimensional state spaces, such as for mobile manipulation, is a challenging problem. Constrained manipulation, e.g. opening articulated objects like doors or drawers, is also hard since sampling states on the constrained manifold is expensive. Further, planning for such tasks requires a combination of planning in free space for(More)
We are implementing a rapid prototyping environment for robotic systems, based on tenets of modularity, reconfigurability and extendibility that may help build robot systems "faster, better and cheaper". Given a task specification, (e.g. repair brake assembly), the user browses through a library of building blocks that include both hardware and software(More)
Many robot applications involve lifelong planning in relatively static environments e.g. assembling objects or sorting mail in an office building. In these types of scenarios, the robot performs many tasks over a long period of time. Thus, the time required for computing a motion plan becomes a significant concern, prompting the need for a fast and(More)
By the staff of Sponsored by 3 Since 1993 Larta has been the leader in convening technology companies, researchers, and investors. We help our clients access the technology industry through world-class conference and training services, industry research, and capital raising. RESEARCH We have published over 30 research reports and are frequently cited as an(More)
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