Victor Hugo de Freitas

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Mitoxantrone (MTX) is an antitumor agent that causes cardiotoxicity in 18 % patients. The metabolic profile of MTX was assessed after incubation of 100 μM MTX with hepatic S9 fraction isolated from rats. The presence of MTX and its metabolites was also assessed in vivo through the analysis of liver and heart extracts of MTX-treated rats. The cytotoxic(More)
BACKGROUND Quercetin is a naturally occurring flavonol with antioxidant, anticancer and anti-ageing properties. In this study we aimed to identify genes differentially expressed in yeast cells treated with quercetin and its role in oxidative stress protection. METHODS A microarray analysis was performed to characterize changes in the transcriptome and the(More)
The blood–brain barrier (BBB) plays a key role in limiting and regulating glucose access to glial and neuronal cells. In this work glucose uptake on a human BBB cell model (the hCMEC/D3 cell line) was characterized. The influence of some hormones and diet components on glucose uptake was also studied. 3H-2-deoxy-d-glucose ([3H]-DG) uptake for hCMEC/D3 cells(More)
Chronic ethanol consumption increases oxidative stress, which accounts for the striking neurological changes seen in this condition. Notwithstanding, there is well-documented evidence that polyphenols, present in grape skin and seeds, exhibit a strong antioxidant activity. As red wine is rich in polyphenols, the aim of the present work was to evaluate their(More)
The trapezius (upper portion) and levator scapulae mm. were analyzed in 30 adult volunteers of both sexes with a 2 channel TECA TE4 electromyograph and single coaxial needle electrodes. It was noticed that in elevation and lowering of the shoulders both muscles act synergically, and during the lowering, they act to control the return of the shoulders to the(More)
The emg activity of the trapezius (pars superior) and serratus anterior (pars inferior) mm. in free movements of the arm was examined in 25 young adult volunteers of both sexes, using a 2-channel TECA TE4 electromyograph with single coaxial needle electrodes. The records obtained showed that: 1) In abduction, flexion, adduction and extension of the arm, TS(More)
AIMS In a previous study, we found that prolonged oxidative stress produced by chronic ethanol consumption leads to an increased formation of lipofuscin in hippocampal and cerebellar neurons. This pigment is an end-result of lipid peroxidation. Flavanols, which abound in the human diet, are known to exert a powerful in-vitro antioxidant action. Therefore,(More)
Organic cations (OCs) are substances of endogenous (e.g. dopamine, choline) or exogenous (e.g. drugs like cimetidine) origin that are positively charged at physiological pH. Since many of these compounds can not pass the cell membrane freely, their transport in our out of cells must be mediated by specific transport systems. Transport by organic cation(More)
The direction of the mental canal was calculated in the horizontal and vertical planes with a view to aiding anaesthetic techniques. Based on our data, it is advisable to give the following approximate inclinations to the needle when penetrating the mental canal in anaesthetic procedures: 55 degrees postero-anteriorly in relation to a horizontal plane and(More)