Victor Hugo Carbajal-Gomez

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We present a review on the electronic design of chaotic oscillators. Multi-scroll chaotic oscillators are listed according to their electronic implementations. A 3-scrolls oscillator is analyzed from its mathematical description, and designed with current-feedback operational amplifiers. Finally, we list the integrated realizations, and discuss key points(More)
A trade-off analysis on the number of scrolls and the operating frequency is presented. To do so, nonlinear system parameters, real physical active device parameters and the operating frequency are taken into account to model the behavior of the saturated nonlinear function series approximated by a piecewise-linear description. As a consequence, not only(More)
Chaos systems can be classified as one type of complex dynamical systems that possess special features such as being extremely sensitive to tiny variations of initial conditions. In general, for deterministic chaos to exists, a dynamical systemmust have a dense set of periodic orbits, it must be transitive and it has to be sensitive to initial conditions(More)
Nowadays, different kinds of experimental realizations of chaotic oscillators have been already presented in the literature. However, those realizations do not consider the value of the maximum Lyapunov exponent, which gives a quantitative measure of the grade of unpredictability of chaotic systems. That way, this paper shows the experimental realization of(More)
This investigation shows the modeling and simulation of the synchronization of two multi-scroll chaotic oscillators in a master-slave topology. The synchronization is performed by Generalized Hamiltonian forms and observer approach from nonlinear control theory. The case of study are two 4-scroll attractors based on saturated function series. Finally, the(More)
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