Victor H.T. Chong

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Colorectal cancer (CRC) is rapidly increasing in Asia, but screening guidelines are lacking. Through reviewing the literature and regional data, and using the modified Delphi process, the Asia Pacific Working Group on Colorectal Cancer and international experts launch consensus recommendations aiming to improve the awareness of healthcare providers of the(More)
Purple urine bag syndrome is a rare disorder where the plastic urinary catheter bag and tubing turn purple. The discolouration is due to the presence of indigo and indirubin pigments which are metabolites of tryptophan. It is associated with urinary tract infection. Bacteria that produce sulphatase and phosphatase are involved in the formation of these(More)
Gastric cancers associated with pregnancy are rare and often diagnosed at advanced stages where curative therapies are not possible. The outcomes have generally been very poor with death occurring within months of diagnosis. Suspicion and early endoscopy are necessary for early diagnosis. We herein report a case of advanced disseminated gastric cancer(More)
Various aspects of local anesthesia for cataract surgery, such as the anesthetic agents and their interaction with ocular nerve supply, anesthesia requirements, available clinical techniques and their inherent complications are reviewed. A comparative evaluation of clinical techniques in terms of efficacy, akinesia, and patient-perceived pain during both(More)
Human metapneumovirus pneumonia, most commonly found in children, was diagnosed in an adult with encephalitis. This case suggests that testing for human metapneumovirus RNA in nasopharyngeal aspirate and cerebrospinal fluid samples should be considered in adults with encephalitis who have a preceding respiratory infection.
Tumour markers are widely used in clinical practice. Elevated tumour markers can be observed in both malignant and benign conditions. Therefore, it is important for clinicians to be aware of the association of tumour markers with various disorders so that unnecessary investigations can be avoided without missing the malignant disorders. A 58-year-old woman(More)
  • V H Chong
  • Hong Kong medical journal = Xianggang yi xue za…
  • 2007
To the Editor—I read with interest the case report on oesophageal tuberculosis mimicking carcinoma published in the December issue of the Hong Kong Medical Journal.1 We encountered a similar case where the ulcer was located in the proximal half of the oesophagus and had an elevated ulcerated edge. Our patient also had abnormalities in the stomach and the(More)
We read with interest the case report by Su et al published in the January 2007 issue of the journal, which reported a case of bilateral pneumothorax secondary to acupuncture with tension pneumothorax on one side requiring urgent chest tube insertion. This case report highlights the hazards of acupuncture, a popular form of complementary and alternative(More)
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