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About 450 km of high J<sub>C</sub> Nb<sub>3</sub>Sn wires have been procured for the construction of two series-connected hybrid magnets by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL). In addition to the quality assurance tests by the wire manufacturer, a receiving quality assurance inspection with a predetermined sampling frequency is carried out(More)
Let X and Y be finite dimensional vector spaces over the real numbers. Let s2 be a binary relation between X and Y given by a bilinear inequality. The g~-polar of a subset P of X is the set of all elements of Y which are related by D to all elements of P. The D-polar of a subset of Y is defined similarly. The D-polar of the D-polar of P is called the(More)
A main challenge that significantly impedes REBa2Cu3Ox (RE = rare earth) coated conductor applications is the low engineering critical current density J e because of the low superconductor fill factor in a complicated layered structure that is crucial for REBa2Cu3Ox to carry supercurrent. Recently, we have successfully achieved engineering critical current(More)
This article develops a methodology combining methods of numerical analysis and stochastic differential equations with computational algorithms to treat problems which have complex nonlinear dynamics in high dimensions. A method to estimate parameters and states of a dynamic system is proposed inspired by the parallelized ensamble Kalman filter (PEnKF) and(More)
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