Victor Gradinescu

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Traffic coordination in intersections is a very studied and challenging topic. This paper presents an adaptive traffic light system based on wireless communication between vehicles and fixed controller nodes deployed in intersections. We present the integrated simulation environment we have developed in order to study the system. We argue that our system(More)
Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) form when vehicles are equipped with devices capable of short-range wireless communication. Accurate simulation of VANETs is a challenging task, requiring both a vehicle mobility model and a network simulator. Although separate simulators exist, integrating them is difficult. We have developed an integrated simulator,(More)
TrafficView is an application that collects and displays traffic information by means of peer-to-peer inter-vehicular communication. We have evaluated TrafficView outdoors under realistic traffic conditions. In the process of development and experimentation, we have learned valuable lessons about the kind of challenges that can hinder development and(More)
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