Victor Flores

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Effective automatic summarization usually requires simulating human reasoning such as abstraction or relevance reasoning. In this paper we describe a solution for this type of reasoning in the particular case of surveillance of the behavior of a dynamic system using sensor data. The paper first presents the approach describing the required type of knowledge(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to develop an evidence-based guideline for the use of neuromuscular ultrasound in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). METHODS Two questions were asked: (1) What is the accuracy of median nerve cross-sectional area enlargement as measured with ultrasound for the diagnosis of CTS? (2) What added value,(More)
Quorum-sensing (QS) is a bacterial mechanism for regulation of gene expression in response to cell density. In Gram-positive bacteria, oligopeptides are the signaling molecules to elicit QS. The RNPP protein family (Rap, NprR, PlcR, and PrgX) are intracellular QS receptors that bind directly to their specific signaling peptide for regulating the(More)
NprR belongs to the RNPP family of quorum-sensing receptors, a group of intracellular regulators activated directly by signaling oligopeptides in Gram-positive bacteria. In Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), nprR is located in a transcriptional cassette with nprRB that codes for the precursor of the signaling peptide NprRB. NprR is a transcriptional regulator(More)
This article describes a knowledge-based method for generating multimedia descriptions that summarize the behavior of dynamic systems. We designed this method for users who monitor the behavior of a dynamic system with the help of sensor networks and make decisions according to prefixed management goals. Our method generates presentations using different(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent research has assessed the impact of tobacco laws on cardiovascular and respiratory morbidity. In this study, we also examined whether the association between the implementation of the 2005 Spanish smoking ban and hospital admissions for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases varies according to the adjustment for potential confounders. (More)