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An elegant and accurate way to determine the zero-gravity surface figure of an optic from ground-based interferometric metrology is to average the figures found in two or more configurations that are rotated with respect to the direction of gravity, so gravity forces in the frame of the optic cancel in the average. In a recent elucidation of this technique,(More)
The manufacturing field is an area where the application of simulation is an essential tool to validate methods and architectures before applying them on the factory floor. Despite the great number of simulation tools that are available, most of them do not take into account the specific requirements for the "new manufacturing era". Multiagent System(More)
The zero-gravity surface figure of optics used in spaceborne astronomical instruments must be known to high accuracy, but earthbound metrology is typically corrupted by gravity sag. Generally, inference of the zero-gravity surface figure from a measurement made under normal gravity requires finite-element analysis (FEA), and for accurate results the mount(More)
The study of collaborative networks has an impact when it comes to analyzing environments where participants interact forming teams with common interest. The complexity of these emerging interactions becomes more difficult to analyze and the results reflect a greater or lesser degree the level of success. On the other hand the power to track the(More)
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