Victor Esch

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Cyanide is produced by the combustion of natural and synthetic materials. It is assumed that cyanide poisoning is a major component of smoke inhalation injury; however, scientific verification of this assumption is lacking. In this study we examined blood carboxyhemoglobin and cyanide levels in fire fatalities. Carboxyhemoglobin levels of 433 fatalities(More)
Five medical care functions are essential in disaster medical care--field rescue and first aid, casualty clearing, medical staging, field surgical intervention, and definitive care. Each of these functions requires substantial augmentation in response to disaster. Three functions, clearing, staging, and field surgical care, are complex functions requiring(More)
Simple patterns consisting of three spots (V and Gamma) have been recognized by dividing, shifting, and recombining beams onto bistable ZnS interference filters. This experiment demonstrates AND-gate operation, cascading, and a moderate amount of parallelism, but a laser power of several watts was required and the response times were several milliseconds.(More)
A new self-aligning geometry for real-time holographic image reconstruction for one-way imaging through a phase aberrator is demonstrated. The input beams are time multiplexed to isolate the diffracted image from the reference beams after the image beams propagate through the hologram. This geometry permits the image-bearing beam and the reference beams to(More)
The authors report the synthesis, from simple salts, and the physical characterization of superparamagnetic iron platinum nanoparticles (SIPPs) suitable for use as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging. The properties of these particles were determined by means of transmission electron microscopy (TEM), thermogravimetric analysis, inductively(More)
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