Victor E. Sower

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This article examines the issue of implementing TQM/CQI programs in the health care industry by grouping the prescriptive literature into four research streams. Based on the literature, a strategic programming model for implementing TQM/CQI in the health care industry is suggested. Finally, issues relating to TQM in the health care sector, which need to be(More)
Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, this study identifies the dimensions of hospital service quality, operationalizes the dimensions, and develops an instrument to measure patient satisfaction. This instrument, the Key Quality Characteristics Assessment for Hospitals (KQCAH) scale, was developed using input from 12(More)
This study examines the impact of RFID technology utilization on organizational agility in manufacturing firms. Data from a sample of 328 manufacturers were collected and the model was assessed following a structural equation methodology. Findings indicate that adoption of RFID technology utilization directly and positively impacts organizational agility(More)
Purpose – The purposes of this study are to examine the relationship between the distribution of quality costs and the level of maturity of an organization's quality system, to assess the extent to which effective COQ systems and maturing quality systems affect organization performance, and to determine why some organizations do not utilize COQ systems.(More)
Great Ormond Street • Hospital for Children (GOSH) benchmarked its handoff from cardiac surgery to the intensive care unit against pit stop techniques of the Ferrari Formula One race car team. Process improvements • resulted in increased patient safety and decreased error rates. Seldom does a hospital receive front page coverage in the Wall Street Journal,(More)
Quality programs that focus on continuous improvement are vital in providing incremental improvement of processes, products, and services in an existing technological paradigm. These programs view quality as being measurable in some quantitative way. Breakthrough improvement that leads to development of new paradigms requires thinking of quality in a(More)
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