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INTRODUCTION The aim of this study is to assess the accuracy of a new US examination: 'voiding color Doppler US ' in the early diagnosis and staging of vesico-ureteral reflux (VUR). The contrast agent US was SH U 508A (Levovist, Schering, Berlin), which produces a chromatic accentuation of the signals picked up by the color Doppler US. Eighteen patients (10(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to analyze the outcome of males with HARM treated with a laparoscopic-assisted anorectal pull-through compared with the open posterior sagittal approach in a single institution. METHODS This study includes 32 patients: 17 (9 with a rectoprostatic fistula [RPF] and 8 with a rectovesical fistula [RVF]) who underwent(More)
INTRODUCTION Rectovaginal fistulas are a rare variety of anorectal malformations. Eight patients with this anomaly among 420 children with anorectal malformations were treated in our center. We used a laparoscopic approach in 5 of the children. The aim of this study is to define the feasibility and technical details of laparoscopy in the treatment of these(More)
BACKGROUND Our study aims at disclosing epidemiology and most relevant clinical features of esophageal atresia (EA) pointing to a model of multicentre collaboration. METHODS A detailed questionnaire was sent to all Italian Units of pediatric surgery in order to collect data of patients born with EA between January and December 2012. The results were(More)
The authors present a series of 25 neonates with duplex ureterocele diagnosed in utero. Initial treatment was endoscopic incision (El) of the ureterocele in 18 cases (72%). Ureterocele was bilateral in one case. El achieved satisfactory decompression of ureterocele in 100% (1 bilateral). Reflux in the upper pole (UP) was created in 44.4%, and UP was(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the accuracy of a new US investigation technique, called retrograde cystography US, in the early diagnosis and staging of vesicoureteral reflux. MATERIAL AND METHODS We examined 5 patients, aged 3 months to 10 years, suffering from hydronephrosis and/or pyelonephritis. Retrograde cystography US was followed by conventional(More)
We describe our experience with a new technique of complete repair of severe posterior hypospadias in one stage. The operative technique includes some innovative points: penile straightening is realized by urethral mobilization (without detaching it from the glans) to excise the chordee, and then urethroplasty according to Duplay and glanuloplasty are(More)
PURPOSE We present a modified 1-stage clitoral vaginoplasty technique for severely masculinized female pseudohermaphroditism involving an anterior sagittal transanorectal approach with the patient prone after clitoroplasty according to the Passerini-Glazel procedure. MATERIAL AND METHODS An anterior sagittal transanorectal approach with protective(More)
To evaluate retrospectively the prevalence of gestational diabetes (GD) in pregnancies obtained with myo-inositol administration in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. A total of 98 pregnancies in PCOS women obtained in a 3-year period, either with myo-inositol (n. 54), or with metformin (n. 44) were considered. While myo-inositol was assumed through the(More)
Urethral strictures in children, which are not frequent, often require urethroplasty when dilations and/ or urethrotomies have failed. A bladder mucosa graft was used successfully for urethral reconstruction to treat posterior hypospadias. We describe our experience with a bladder mucosa graft during urethroplasty for acquired urethral strictures in 8(More)