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The Hermann grid illusion (HGI), elicited by a grid displayed as either horizontal-vertical (HV) or oblique (45 degrees ) configuration, was measured as the luminance necessary to cancel the illusory spots at the grid intersections. Overall, the HGI produced by the oblique grid was about one-third of that produced by the HV grid. The observers exhibited(More)
Key to understanding perception is the form of how sensory stimuli are represented in the evoked activity of the brain. Here, we addressed the question of which components of the evoked neuronal activity in the somatosensory cortex represent the stimulus features while trained monkeys discriminated the difference in frequency between two vibrotactile(More)
We thank Y. Li and K. Krishnamurthy for their insightful comments on our study, as well as their synthesis of the extensive supporting literature. We wish to clarify our perspective on the broad hypothesis that Li and Krishnamurthy emphasize, concerning a general role that LIP might play in perceptual decision-making. We do not believe that our study(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Decisions are often made by accumulating evidence for and against the alternatives. The momentary evidence represented by sensory neurons is accumulated by downstream structures to form a decision variable, linking the evolving decision to(More)
17 We routinely identify objects with our hands, and the physical attributes of touched objects are often 18 held in short-term memory to aid future decisions. However, the brain structures that selectively 19 process tactile information to encode object shape are not fully identified. Here we describe the areas 20 within the human cerebral cortex that(More)
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