Victor Constantin Ion Stoica

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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the highest prevalence disease in the general population (GP) and it accounts for 20 million deaths worldwide each year. Its prevalence is even higher in rheumatoid arthritis. Early detection of subclinical disease is critical and the use of cardiovascular risk prediction models and calculators is widely spread. The impact of(More)
During 5 years (1986-1990), 81 of the patients under our care showed bronchopulmonary cancer diagnosed by clinical, x-ray and bronchoscopic examinations. Of these, 69 (85.2) were men and 12 (14.8%) women, with a mean age of 62 years; 72 patients (90%) were moderate or heavy smokers. Four of them (4.9%) presented the classical hypertrophic osteoarthropathy(More)
UNLABELLED Biochemical analysis of synovial fluid is important in orientating the diagnosis of joint effusions. Its composition reflects the metabolic status of synovial tissue correlated with different rheumatic pathologies. The aim of this study was to compare the information provided by usual biochemical tests and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a Romanian version of the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index (BASFI) and to determine its metric properties in patients with spondylarthropathies (SpA). METHODS A Romanian version of BASFI was obtained after translation, back-translation and pretesting. Altogether 41 SpA patients fulfilling the ESSG criteria were included,(More)
BACKGROUND rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is associated with the loss of overall functionality, which leads to substantial economic losses. Second line agents used in RA treatment require careful monitorization in terms of efficiency and tolerability. OBJECTIVE trends, predictive factors and characteristics of clinical, biological and radiological RA(More)
OBJECTIVES UCLA Scleroderma Clinical Trial Consortium Gastrointestinal Tract (UCLA SCTC GIT 2.0) Instrument is a comprehensive, self-administered survey for the assessment of gastrointestinal involvement in scleroderma patients, developed and validated in English. Our objective was to translate and validate a Romanian version of UCLA SCTC GIT 2.0. METHODS(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the paper was to evaluate the national availability of colonoscopy and the quality parameters of this procedure in our country. MATERIAL AND METHOD During a 6 months period (01.07- 31.12.2009), we performed a prospective multicenter study in which 76 centers were invited to respond to a questionnaire regarding colonoscopy, 39 centers(More)
UNLABELLED Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease with autoimmune pathogenesis. It affects mainly small joints (of the hands and feet) and has many systemic manifestations. Studying biomarkers in rheumatology intensely appeared from the need to understand the mechanisms underlying some rheumatic diseases. Discovering new biomarkers with(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the rate of morbidity and mortality associated with colorectal polyps after the next 8-years period of endoscopic polypectomy, in a high risk managed care population. MATERIAL AND METHOD Cohorts of 77 subjects with benign neoplasms were identified with a colonoscopy in 1999. Three groups of subjects: benign neoplasms with(More)
A 65-year old patient, with no medical history, was admitted for lower gastrointestinal bleeding. On clinical examination the patient seemed to be in good health. However the examination was completed with a rectosigmoidoscopy revealing the presence of mucosal erosions, ulcerations, multiple papulae. The histopathological examination raised the suspicion of(More)