Victor Bucha

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In this paper we present a single-lens single-frame passive depth sensor based on conventional imaging system with minor hardware modifications. It is based on colorcoded aperture approach and has high light-efficiency which allows capturing images even with handheld devices with small cameras. The sensor measures depth in millimeters in the whole frame, in(More)
The paper concerns the method of disparity estimation and refinement based on iterative filtration of raw disparity estimate. Raw disparity estimate is obtained by conventional stereomatching methods. In suggested algorithm, 6-8 iterations are sufficient to compute high-quality disparity map, suitable for virtual views rendering, which is essential step of(More)
We propose a method of reconstruction of 3D representation (a mesh with a texture) of an object on a smartphone with a monocular camera. The reconstruction consists of two parts – real-time scanning around the object and postprocessing. At the scanning stage IMU sensors data are acquired along with tracks of features in video. A special care is taken(More)
In this article we propose high quality motion estimation based on variational optical flow formulation with non-local regularization term. To improve motion in occlusion areas we introduce occlusion motion inpainting based on 3-frame motion clustering. Variational formulation of optical flow proved itself to be very successful, however a global(More)
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