Victor Borges Ferreira Gomes

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This paper shows that, in a bilateral relationship where a foreign supplier has to make a relationship-specific investment but cannot enforce a complete contract, the standard hold-up problem of underinvestment is aggravated when trade incurs a tariff. In this context, we identify two new channels through which trade liberalization enhances international(More)
Three new species of Atopsyche Banks 1905 are described and illustrated from Brazil: Atopsyche diamantina n. sp., A. kamakan n. sp., and A. muelleri n. sp. New records of A. apurimac Schmid 1989, A. sanctipauli Flint 1974, A. serica Ross 1953, and A. zernyi Flint 1974 are included, as well as the first records to states of Bahia, Goiás, and Rio Grande do(More)
This paper documents the empirical relationship in postwar Brazil between the GNP and other key variables such as consumption, investment, productivity and hours worked. Since many of those series were not available to Brazil we also had to build a data-set, which includes consumption of non-durables, capital and hours worked. We use two filters to extract(More)
A 37-years-old woman, complaining of fever, malaise, myalgia, sore throat and dysphagia lasting for 15 days, had been taking antibiotics and paracetamol for 7 days, without symptoms' improvement. The clinical examination revealed hyperaemic oropharynx and enlarged, painful thyroid. Further exams showed increased analytic inflammatory serum parameters as(More)
Understanding the human brain and its behaviour is the main aim of Neuroscience, therefore forming a model with the objective of imitating a special biological behaviour, like the ability to learn, is a research problem with many potential applications. This thesis aims to present a simulation of the Morris water maze [22] using a robot in order to compare(More)
State-owned enterprises tend to perform worse than privately owned firms. However, the reason for the poor results is unsettled, with some emphasizing ownership itself and others the market environment. We examine this issue by studying productivity at Brazil’s state-owned oil company Petrobras after it lost its legal monopoly. After losing its monopoly(More)
State owned enterprises (SOEs) tend to perform worse than privately owned firms. However, the reason for the poor results is unsettled with some have emphasizing ownership itself and others the market environment that they face. We study a unique natural experiment: The Brazilian state owned oil company Petrobras lost its constitutional guarantee of a legal(More)
A new species of Helicopsyche subgenus Feropsyche from Chapada Diamantina is diagnosed, described, and illustrated. Helicopsyche catoles n. sp. is easily distinguished from congeners by the following features: inferior appendages clavate, each bearing a posteroventral projection with 2-4 setae in lateral view, and tergum X with a notched apex and a short(More)
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