Victor Bashtovoi

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This paper is devoted to the numerical modeling and simulation of hydrodynamic and dissipation processes in damper systems, where the working element is a magnetic fluid drop around a permanent magnet. Flow patterns and dimensionless dissipation coefficient depending on the Reynolds number and magnet position are established. r 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights(More)
When a micron-sized magnetizable particle is introduced into a suspension of nanosized magnetic particles, the nanoparticles accumulate around the microparticle and form thick anisotropic clouds extended in the direction of the applied magnetic field. This phenomenon promotes colloidal stabilization of bimodal magnetic suspensions and allows efficient(More)
The stability of an initially flat layer of magnetic fluid that occupies the lower half-space under the influence of gravity and a uniform magnetic field normal to the plane surface is investigated numerically. Neutral curves of stability, critical parameters corresponding to the onset of instability, the equilibrium surface shape, and amplitudes of the(More)
Synopsis This paper is focused on the theoretical modeling of the rheological properties of the magnetic suspensions in shear flows under an external magnetic field aligned with the streamlines. The conventional theory postulates that the field-induced aggregates of magnetic particles are highly anisotropic and aligned with the flow direction. Therefore, no(More)
Magnetic fluid is a colloid of magnetic nanoparticles. Using of magnetic fluids in technical devices demands applying of strong non-uniform magnetic fields for a long time. One of the most widespread magnetic fluid devices are magnetic fluid seals of mobile shafts, magnetic fluid supports, bearings, acceleration and angle of inclination gauges, devices for(More)
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