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Human motion capture embeds rich detail and style which is difficult to generate with competing animation synthesis technologies. However, such recorded data requires principled means for creating responses in unpredicted situations, for example reactions immediately following impact. This paper introduces a novel technique for incorporating unexpected(More)
Controllable, reactive human motion is essential in many video games and training environments. Characters in these applications often perform tasks based on modified motion data, but response to unpredicted events is also important in order to maintain realism. We approach the problem of motion synthesis for interactive, humanlike characters by combining(More)
BSTRACT ata-driven animation has become the industry standard for omputer games and many animated movies and special ffects. In particular, motion capture data recorded from live ctors, is the most promising approach offered thus far for nimating realistic human characters. However, the anipulation of such data for general use and re-use is not yet a olved(More)
We demonstrate a real-time simulation system capable of automatically balancing a standing character, while at the same time tracking a reference motion and responding to external perturbations. The system is general to non-human morphologies and results in natural balancing motions employing the entire body (for example, wind-milling). Our novel balance(More)
We present a psychology-inspired approach for generating a character's anticipation of and response to an impending head or upper body impact. Protective anticipatory movement is built upon several actions that have been identified in the psychology literature as response mechanisms in monkeys and in humans. These actions are parameterized by a model of the(More)
Acknowledgements Thank you Advisor: Peter Schröder; you are my mentor, my mirror, my agent, my boss, my supporter. you give me energy for the uphill runs. Thank you Dear Collaborator: Petr Krysl; you have been my advocate, my sounding board, my teacher. Your belief, foresight, and sweat helped bring to life a young idea. Thank you Sage: Al Barr; you have(More)
Despite recent advances in the study of animal flight, the biomechanical determinants of maneuverability are poorly understood. It is thought that maneuverability may be influenced by intrinsic body mass and wing morphology, and by physiological muscle capacity, but this hypothesis has not yet been evaluated because it requires tracking a large number of(More)
Motion capture has become a premiere technique for animation of humanlike characters. To facilitate its use, researchers have focused on the manipulation of data for retargeting, editing, combining, and reusing motion capture libraries. In many of these efforts joint angle plus root trajectories are used as input, although this format requires an inherent(More)
Time series motifs are approximately repeated patterns foundwithin the data. Such motifs have utility for many data mining algorithms, including rule-discovery,novelty-detection, summarization and clustering. Since the formalization of the problem and the introduction of efficient linear time algorithms, motif discovery has been successfully applied tomany(More)