Victor B. Schneider

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A method is presented for directly transforming an arbitrary LR(<italic>k</italic>) grammar to an equivalent LR(1) grammar. It is further shown that the method transforms an arbitrary prefix-free LR(<italic>k</italic>) grammar to an equivalent LR(0) grammar. It is argued that the method is efficient and offers some advantages over traditional(More)
Experimental estimators are presented relating the expected number of software errors (B) in a software development project to* the overal1 reported months of programmer effort for the project (E)* the number of subprograms (n)* the count of thousands of coded source statements (s)These estimators are [EQUATION]These estimators are shown to be consistent(More)
Determining the amount of time to allot for debugging of programs is of prime importance in producing reliable software on schedule. Rn estimate for the expected number of bugs in a program module could be one aid ir-solving this problem. In this paper we present a re I ationship +o give such an estimate and offer sGrne pre)iminary verification of its(More)
A method is presented for deriving lower and upper bounds for memory space and execution time of compiled FORTRAN assignment statements. Formulas, in terms of variable references, are presented. The method is applied to six hypothetical computer architectures, standardized to eliminate variations resulting from addressing strategies and varying opcode(More)