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In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), congestion occurs, for example, when nodes are densely distributed, and/or the application produces high flow rate near the sink due to the convergent nature of upstream traffic. Congestion may cause packet loss, which in turn lowers throughput and wastes energy. Therefore congestion in WSNs needs to be controlled for(More)
—Trustworthy location information is important because it is a critical input to a wide variety of location-based applications. However, the localization infrastructure is vulnerable to physical attacks and consequently the localization results are affected. In this paper, we focus on achieving robust wireless localization when attacks are present on access(More)
—In this letter, we present the architecture and implementation of a novel, 3-stage processing engine, suitable for deep packet processing in high-speed networks. The engine, which has been fabricated as part of a network processor, comprises of a typical RISC core and programmable hardware. To assess the performance of the engine, experiments with packets(More)
Electro-optic (EO) image sensors exhibit the properties of high resolution and low noise level at daytime, but they do not work in dark environments. Infrared (IR) image sensors exhibit poor resolution and cannot separate objects with similar temperature. Therefore, we propose a novel framework of IR image enhancement based on the information (e.g., edge)(More)