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Procesul decizional de selecţie al tratamentului cancerului de sân este puternic relaţionat de procesul corect de evaluare şi diagnosticare a riscului de dezvoltare a cancerului pentru cazul suspectat. În ciuda dezvoltărilor tehnologice recente, metodele şi criteriile utilizate pentru cuantificarea caracteristicilor leziunilor detectate, pentru definirea(More)
Mammographic images and data analysis to facilitate modelling or computer aided diagnostic (CAD) software development should best be done using a common database that can handle various mammographic image file formats and relate these to other patient information. This would optimize the use of the data as both primary reporting and enhanced information(More)
Accurate assessment of the primary tumor response to treatment is important in the management of breast cancer. This paper introduces a new set of treatment evaluation indicators for breast cancer cases based on the computational process of three known metrics, the Euclidian, Hamming and Levenshtein distances. The distance principals are applied to pairs of(More)
Continuous vibration monitoring of mechanical roller bearing parts potentially reduces machine downtime through timely prediction and diagnosis of abnormal events. Despite the progress made in the literature, challenges remain in how to assess performance related information for maintenance decision-making from large data streams. Furthermore, since roller(More)
The degree of spiculation of the tumor edge is a particularly relevant indicator of malignancy in the analysis of breast tumoral masses. This paper introduces four new methods for extracting the spiculation feature of a detected breast lesion on mammography by segmenting the contour of the lesion in a number of regions which are separately analysed,(More)
The effects of hypertension are often lethal thus its early detection and prevention is very important for everybody. In this paper, a neural network (NN) model was developed and trained based on a dataset of hypertension causative parameters in order to forecast the likelihood of occurrence of hypertension in patients. Our research goal was to analyze the(More)
A Smart Building Controller (SBC) is a server software that offers secured access to a pool of building specific resources, executes monitoring tasks and performs automatic administration of a building, thus optimizing the exploitation cost and maximizing comfort. This paper brings to discussion the issues that arise with the secure exploitation of the SBC(More)
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