Victor Arkadievich Baranov

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The proposed work is an extension of a program of precise studies of rare pion and muon decays using the PIBETA detector. In the first phase, 1999–2001, the collaboration completed a set of measurements of the π + → π 0 e + ν, π + → e + ν, π + → e + νγ, and µ + → e + ν ¯ νγ decays. Data for all of the decays except π → eνγ (π e2γ) are in excellent agreement(More)
We are proposing an experimental program with the aim of making a precise determination of the pion beta decay rate. The proposed experimental method was designed to achieve an overall level of uncertainty in the range of 0.2 { 0.3%. Due to the complex nature of the proposed measurement, the nal objective would be reached in stages. The objective of the rst(More)
We describe the design, construction and performance of the PI-BETA detector built for the precise measurement of the branching ratio of pion beta decay, π + → π 0 e + ν e , at the Paul Scherrer Institute. The central part of the detector is a 240-module spherical pure CsI calorimeter covering ∼3π sr solid angle. The calorimeter is supplemented with an(More)
We have measured the pi+-->e+ nugamma branching ratio over a wide region of phase space, based on a total of 65 460 events acquired using the PIBETA detector. Minimum-chi2 fits to the measured (E(e+), E(gamma) energy distributions result in the weak form factor value of F(A)=0.0119(1) with a fixed value of F(V)=0.0259. An unconstrained fit yields(More)
0. The information-analytical system " Manuscript " (IAS " Manuscript ") is being created by a group of programmers and linguists of two universities of Izhevsk city. The developers are: Provision for the specialists in the field of ancient and medieval texts of a multi-functional tool enabling creation of electronic transcriptions of documents with complex(More)
The Information Retrieval System "Manuscript" is intended for storing, editing and processing electronic copies of manuscripts. By retaining all the peculiarities of the ancient treasures, the Manuscript system provides a thorough input of texts/manuscripts under study while preserving the integrity of the original electronic copy of the manuscript, text(More)
Our collaboration has used a detector system based on a non-magnetic pure CsI calorimeter at the Paul Scherrer Institute to collect the world's largest sample of rare pion and muon decays. We have measured the absolute π + → π 0 e + ν decay branching ratio with a 0.55 % total uncertainty. The π + → e + νγ data set was used to extract weak axial and vector(More)
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