Victor A. Vilensky

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This study compared the six-axis external fixator Ortho-SUV Frame (OSF) and the Ilizarov apparatus (IA) in femoral deformity correction. Our specific questions were: (1) which of the fixators (OSF or IA) provides shorter period of femoral deformity correction, and (2) which of the fixators (OSF or IA) provides better accuracy of correction. We(More)
Circular fixation according to the Ilizarov method is a well-recognised modality of treatment for trauma and deformity. One shortcoming of the traditional fixator is its limited ability to correct more than one plane of deformity simultaneously, leading to lengthy frame-time indices. Hexapod circular fixation utilising computer guidance is commonplace for(More)
The Ortho-SUV frame (OSF) is a novel hexapod circular external fixator which draws upon the innovation of the Ilizarov method and the advantages of hexapod construction in the three-dimensional control of bone segments. Stability of fixation is critical to the success or failure of an external circular fixator for fracture or osteotomy healing. In vitro(More)
External fixators enable distraction osteogenesis and gradual foot deformity corrections. Hexapod fixators have become more popular than the Ilizarov apparatus. The Ortho-SUV Frame™ (OSF; Ortho-SUV Ltd, St. Petersburg, Russia), a hexapod that was developed in 2006, allows flexible joint attachment such that multiple assemblies are available. We assessed the(More)
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