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—A problem of the spherical antenna consisting of a thin radial monopole located on a perfectly conducting sphere is solved. The antenna is excited at the base by a voltage δ-generator. An approximate analytical solution of the integral equation for the current on a thin impedance vibrator was found by the method of successive iterations. The solution is(More)
—A problem of electromagnetic fields excitation by a system of finite-dimensional material bodies in two arbitrary electrodynamic volumes coupled by holes, cut in a common boundary of the volumes, is defined in a rigorous formulation. For the system containing two material bodies and one coupling hole, the problem is reduced to a system of two-dimensional(More)
—The approximate analytical solution of the integral equation concerning the current in a thin straight vibrator with complex surface impedance has been obtained. The vibrator is located in unlimited space and is excited in an arbitrary point along its length. The calculations have been made and the plots of electrodynamic characteristics of the vibrator,(More)
A semi-analytical model for current estimation on a thin complex-impedance-based monopole, mounted on a perfectly conducting sphere and fed in an arbitrary point of its aperture is proposed. By applying the current thus obtained, the electromagnetic fields excited by the antenna system are determined. The influence of an impedance coating and a feeding(More)
—The problem of excitation of electromagnetic fields by a material body of finite dimensions in presence of coupling hole between two arbitrary electrodynamic volumes is formulated. The problem is reduced to two-dimensional integral equations for the surface electric current on a material body and the equivalent magnetic current on a coupling hole. A(More)
—The problem about the electrical current distribution along thin radial impedance monopole, located on the perfectly conducting sphere, has been solved in a rigorous electrodynamic formulation in the paper. The problem formulation strictness is provided by the use of the Green's function for the Hertz's vector potential for unbounded space outside the(More)
—The authors suggest the generalized method of induced electromotive forces (EMF) for the investigation of the characteristics of single and systems of thin impedance vibrators at their arbitrary excitation and distribution of the surface impedance on the ground of the made analysis in the proposed paper. The distinctive peculiarity of this method is the(More)
The characteristics of the radiation field of the monopoles on perfectly conducting spherical scatterer - spherical antennas are discussed in the paper. To solve this problem the authors used the solution for the radiation field of a single monopole excited at the point of contact with the sphere. Monopoles are located in the equatorial plane and driven the(More)
Transient electromagnetic fields in infinite space filled with inhomogeneous in radial direction transient medium without losses are presented by spherical modes. The initial nonstationary three-dimensional electrodynamic problem is transformed into the problem for one-dimensional evolutionary equations by means of the construction of modal basis for(More)