Victor A. Benjamin

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BACKGROUND Natural products are an important source of drugs and other commercially interesting compounds, however their isolation and production is often difficult. Metabolic engineering, mainly in bacteria and yeast, has sought to circumvent some of the associated problems but also this approach is impeded by technical limitations. Here we describe a(More)
Methods and tools to conduct authorship analysis of web contents is of growing interest to researchers and practitioners in various security-focused disciplines, including cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, and other fields in which authorship of text may at times be uncertain or obfuscated. Here we demonstrate an automated approach for authorship analysis(More)
As the computer becomes more ubiquitous throughout society, the security of networks and information technologies is a growing concern. Recent research has found hackers making use of social media platforms to form communities where sharing of knowledge and tools that enable cybercriminal activity is common. However, past studies often report only(More)
Cybersecurity is a problem of growing relevance that impacts all facets of society. As a result, many researchers have become interested in studying cybercriminals and online hacker communities in order to develop more effective cyber defenses. In particular, analysis of hacker community contents may reveal existing and emerging threats that pose great risk(More)
In recent years, understanding the people behind cybercrime from a hacker-centric perspective has drawn increased attention. Preliminary exploration in online hacker social dynamics has found that hackers extensively exchange information with others in online communities, including vulnerabilities, stolen data, etc. However, there is a lack of research that(More)
As computers and information technologies become ubiquitous throughout society, the security of our networks and information technologies is a growing concern. As a result, many researchers have become interested in the security domain. Among them, there is growing interest in observing hacker communities for early detection of developing security threats(More)
As computing and communication technologies become ubiquitous throughout society, researchers and practitioners have become motivated to advance current cybersecurity capabilities. In particular, research on the human element behind cybercrime would offer new knowledge on securing cyberspace against those with malicious intent. Past work documents the(More)
The need for more research scrutinizing online hacker communities is a common suggestion in recent years. However, researchers and practitioners face many challenges when attempting to do so. In particular, they may encounter hacking-specific terms, concepts, tools, and other items that are unfamiliar and may be challenging to understand. For these reasons,(More)
To further cybersecurity, there is interest in studying online cybercriminal communities to learn more about emerging cyber threats. Literature documents the existence of many online Internet Relay Chat (IRC) cybercriminal communities where cybercriminals congregate and share hacking tools, malware, and more. However, many cybercriminal community(More)
As the Internet becomes ubiquitous, it has advanced to more closely represent aspects of the real world. Due to this trend, researchers in various disciplines have become interested in studying relationships between real-world phenomena and their virtual representations. One such area of emerging research seeks to study relationships between real-world and(More)