Victor A Banakh

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The feasibility of noninterferometric methods to measure phase distribution in a laser beam cross section for visualization of the vortex dislocations of an optical speckle-field wave front is analyzed. Peculiarities of the phase retrieved from the measured intensity distribution (the phase problem in optics) and from the wave-front slopes measured by a(More)
Reconstruction of the wind profile from the statistics of intensity fluctuations of an optical beam propagating in a turbulent atmosphere is considered. The equations for the spatiotemporal correlation function and the spectrum of weak intensity fluctuations of a Gaussian beam are obtained. The algorithms of wind profile retrieval from the spatiotemporal(More)
The problem of wind profile reconstruction from scintillation of an optical wave scattered off a rough surface in a telescope focus plane is considered. Both the expression for the spatiotemporal correlation function and the algorithm of cross-wind velocity and direction profiles reconstruction based on the spatiotemporal spectrum of intensity of an optical(More)
The representativity problem of laser Doppler anemometer wind measurements in the boundary layer under different atmospheric conditions has been investigated theoretically and experimentally. The calculations of the mean wind-velocity measurement errors for the surface layer under different types of thermal stratification and for the boundary layer under(More)
Reconstruction of a wind profile based on the statistics of plane-wave intensity fluctuations in a turbulent atmosphere is considered. The algorithm for wind profile retrieval from the spatiotemporal spectrum of plane-wave weak intensity fluctuations is described, and the results of end-to-end computer experiments on wind profiling based on the developed(More)
Fluctuations of energy density of short-pulse optical radiation in the turbulent atmosphere have been studied based on numerical solution of the parabolic wave equation for the complex spectral amplitude of the wave field by the split-step method. It has been shown that under conditions of strong optical turbulence, the relative variance of energy density(More)
Analysis of signal statistical characteristics is carried out, and estimation errors of the radial wind velocity are calculated by use of numerical simulation of a cw Doppler lidar return, taking into account the atmospheric aerosol microstructure. It has been found that, at small sounded volume, the large particles contribute significantly to the scattered(More)
The method of radial velocities (RV) is applied to estimate aircraft wake vortex parameters from measurements conducted with pulsed coherent Doppler lidar (PCDL). Operations of the Stream Line lidar and the 2-µm PCDL are simulated numerically to analyze the accuracy of the estimated wake vortex parameters with the RV method. The RV method is also used to(More)
Experimental data proving the possibility of lidar measurement of the refractive turbulence strength based on the effect of backscattering amplification are reported. It is shown, for the first time to our knowledge, that the values of the amplification factor correlate with the variance of random jitter of the optical image of an incoherent light source(More)