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Genetic footprinting was used to assess the phenotypic effects of Ty1 transposon insertions in 268 predicted genes of chromosome V of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. When seven selection protocols were used, Ty1 insertions in more than half the genes tested (157 of 268) were found to result in a detectable reduction in fitness. Results could not be obtained for(More)
Articles T he process of eutrophication represents the bio-geochemical response to heavy nutrient loading (Nixon 1995, Cloern 2001). Typical consequences of eutrophication include (a) elevated primary production in response to elevated nutrient delivery and (b) elevated respiration in response to the rapid production of organic matter. In cases of(More)
A series of experiments, in which nine participants trade an asset over 15 periods, test the hypothesis that an initial imbalance of asset/cash will influence the trading price over an extended time. Participants know at the outset that the asset or "stock" pays a single dividend with fixed expectation value at the end of the 15th period. In experiments(More)
This report describes an efficient strategy for determining the functions of sequenced genes in microorganisms. A large population of cells is subjected to insertional mutagenesis. The mutagenized population is then divided into representative samples, each of which is subjected to a different selection. DNA is prepared from each sample population after the(More)
Duffy and Wurtz [(1993) Vision Research, 33, 1481-1490] found an illusory shift in the position of the focus of expansion (FOE) of random dot patterns when planar motion was superimposed on expanding radial motion. Subjects indicated that this illusory shift was in the direction of the planar motion. This is the opposite direction to a true shift in the FOE(More)
The HMG-I subfamily of high mobility group (HMG) chromatin proteins consists of DNA-binding proteins that preferentially bind to stretches of A.T-rich sequence both in vitro and in vivo. Recently, members of the HMG-I family have been suggested to bind in vitro to the narrow minor groove of A.T-DNA by means of an 11 amino acid peptide binding domain (BD)(More)
The overall objective of this study was to evaluate the dispersion of aerosol plumes generated by a truck-mounted ultra low-volume (ULV) applicator and a hand-held thermal fogger under open field conditions. Experiments were also planned to determine the relative capture efficiencies of various sampling techniques in such applications. The ULV applicator(More)
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