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Obesity is a chronic condition that is prevalent in black women. The Obesity Reduction Black Intervention Trial (ORBIT) was a randomized controlled weight loss and weight-loss maintenance (WLM) trial. Participants (N = 213) were randomized to the intervention or control groups in August 2005 and September 2006. Follow-up data were collected 6 and 18 months(More)
Bytecode rewriting on Android applications has been widely adopted to implement fine-grained access control. It endows more flexibility and convenience without modifying the Android platform. Bytecode rewriting uses static analysis to identify the usage of security-sensitive API methods, before it instruments the bytecode to control the access to these API(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is associated with many chronic diseases, and weight loss can reduce the risk of developing these diseases. Obesity is highly prevalent among Black women, but weight loss treatment for black women has been understudied until recently. The Obesity Reduction black Intervention Trial (ORBIT) is a randomized controlled trial designed to(More)
This paper presents design and development of wide band dual polarised active phased array antenna at C band generating 41 beams for Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT). Large antenna array of size 6m×2m has been divided into smaller tiles and each tile has been fed by active distributed beam forming networks. Simulation & measured performance of the(More)
This article focuses on the advantages that optical fiber sensors offer to the biomedical field, the basic working principles of optical fiber sensing, and discusses some examples of integrating different biological parameter fiber sensors on a single probe for Medical Applications. Here our main idea is to initially focus is on the human heart pulse rate(More)
The Obesity Reduction Black Intervention Trial (ORBIT) is a randomized controlled trial designed to assess the efficacy of a culturally proficient 6-month weight loss intervention followed by a 1-year maintenance intervention. This article describes the results of the 6-month weight loss intervention. Two hundred thirteen obese black women aged 30-65 years(More)
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