Vicky S. Kalogeiton

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Compact composite descriptors Self-growing and self-organized neural gas network a b s t r a c t The advances in computer and network infrastructure together with the fast evolution of multimedia data has resulted in the growth of attention to the digital video's development. The scientific community has increased the amount of research into new(More)
We participated in the Learning Task of the TREC 2010 Legal Track, focusing solely on estimating probabilities of relevance. We submitted three automated runs based on the same tf.idf ranking, produced by the topic narratives and positive-only feedback of the training data in equal contributions. The runs differ in the way the probabilities of relevance are(More)
Quantum-dot fabrication and characterization is a well-established technology, which is used in photonics, quantum optics, and nanoelectronics. Four quantum-dots placed at the corners of a square form a unit cell, which can hold a bit of information and serve as a basis for quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) nanoelectronic circuits. Although several basic(More)
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