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Stroke is a significant cause of deficits in balance, mobility and disability. Although tests of stepping speed are associated with balance performance after stroke, relationships between clinical tests of stepping distance and balance performance have not been investigated in people with stroke. A validated test of stepping distance and balance in older(More)
We report a series of electronic structure calculations for CrN using different exchange correlation potentials: PBE, LDA + U , the Tran-Blaha modified Becke-Johnson functional, and hybrid functionals. In every case, our calculations show that the onset of magnetism in CrN should be accompanied by a gap opening. The experimentally found antiferromagnetic(More)
We report x-ray diffraction and magnetization measurements under pressure combined with ab initio calculations to show that high-pressure TiOCl corresponds to an enhanced Ti3+-Ti3+ dimerized phase existing already at room temperature. Our results demonstrate the formation of a metal-metal bond between Ti3+ ions along the b axis of TiOCl, accompanied by a(More)
The use of smartphones in clinical practice is steadily increasing with the availability of low cost/freely available "apps" that could be used to assess human gait. The primary aim of this manuscript is to test the concurrent validity of kinematic measures recorded by a smartphone application in comparison to a 3D motion capture system in the sagittal(More)
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