Vicky M M-J Vermeulen

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The aim of this study was to evaluate whether soluble factors in plasma of familial combined hyperlipidemia (FCHL) patients affect hepatic protein secretion. Cultured human hepatocytes, i.e., HepG2 cells, were incubated with fasting plasma (20%, v/v, in DMEM) from untreated FCHL patients or normolipidemic controls. Overall protein secretion was 10-15%(More)
The inbred HcB19 mouse strain expresses a truncated form of thioredoxin interacting protein and is phenotypically characterized by fatty liver and elevated plasma triglycerides and VLDL. Recently, these mice have been proposed as an animal model for familial combined hyperlipidemia. The aim of the present study was identification of hepatic proteins(More)
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