Vickie Grayson

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GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) depolarizes the terminals of primary afferent fibers of the in vitro hemisected frog spinal cord. During sustained or repetitive exposure to GABA or to muscimol, the amplitude of the depolarization is characterized by a rapid and exponential decline to a steady plateau level (desensitization). Desensitization to muscimol was(More)
  • Anna Fan, Joseph Brown, David Coordinator, Yi Morry, Wang, Michael Dibartolomeis +34 others
  • 1998
This Public Health Goal (PHG) technical support document provides information on health effects from contaminants in drinking water. The PHG describes concentrations of contaminants at which adverse health effects would not be expected to occur, even over a lifetime of exposure. PHGs are developed for chemical contaminants based on the best available(More)
The effects of the anticonvulsant valproic acid (n-dipropylacetate, DPA) on frog primary afferent fibers was examined with sucrose gap recordings from the dorsal roots. Addition of DPA to the superfusate consistently reduced the amplitude and duration of the dorsal root potential. In contrast, DPA augmented the depolarization of dorsal roots produced by(More)
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