Vicki S Mauck

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Prior small studies have shown multiple benefits of frequent nocturnal hemodialysis compared to conventional three times per week treatments. To study this further, we randomized 87 patients to three times per week conventional hemodialysis or to nocturnal hemodialysis six times per week, all with single-use high-flux dialyzers. The 45 patients in the(More)
BACKGROUND Prophylactic gentamicin 0.1% cream has demonstrated efficacy in preventing both exit-site infection (ESI) and peritonitis attributable to gram-positive and gram-negative organisms; however, the effect of this practice on the gentamicin susceptibility patterns of bacterial pathogens isolated from such infections is unknown. We therefore examined(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrafiltration (UF) failure develops over time in some patients on peritoneal dialysis. The workup of UF failure can be difficult and the 4.25% peritoneal equilibration test (PET) has been suggested to be more useful than the 2.5% PET for the workup of UF failure. It is unknown how a 4.25% PET compares to a 2.5% PET in individual patients. (More)
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