Vicki Peyton

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This longitudinal study examined change in 97 couples' marital intimacy over the first 3 years after the birth of a child. Participants included both first-time and experienced parents. Regardless of parity, both wives and husbands, on average, showed linear declines in marital intimacy; however, significant variability in individual trajectories was found.(More)
Health-related studies of spirituality are threatened by the lack of conceptual distinctions between religion and spirituality, the use of small, nongeneralizable samples, and by measurement error in many instruments that unreliably and invalidly capture this domain. The authors review the construct and validity evidence for the Spirituality Index of(More)
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This study examined relations among parents' perceptions of their childhood, attitudes about life, expectations for child behavior, attitudes about their child's behavior, and the child-rearing environment parents provide. Eighty mothers of 1- to 5-year-olds were interviewed about perceptions of receiving harsh parenting as children, current attitudes about(More)
Currently, the majority of American Indian families live in urban areas. A number of statistics demonstrate that urban American Indian families deal with a variety of stressors such as poverty and isolation. However, very little is known about how these families perceive their lives. This report provides an exploratory study examining the status of 20 urban(More)
Our study analyzed how schools were operating on both fronts. On the one hand, the study measured the degree !to which schools reported they were living up to the ideals of establishing truly Montessori environments within public schools (based on characteristics identified by the American Montessori Society as essential for the success of Montessori(More)
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