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Simple and economic methods were developed for control programs to demonstrate the movement of mosquitoes from a breeding source to residential areas. Using mark-release-recapture methods and examples, mean, median and maximum distances traveled were estimated or observed and compared for 11 species produced in a wastewater treatment facility near Lakeland,(More)
Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) was the viral agent most commonly identified in 14 epizootics of pneumonia in dairy calves. A microtiter serum-virus neutralization test proved to be the best means of identifying involvement of BRSV; seroconversion (fourfold or greater rise in titer) was demonstrated in 10 of the 14 epizootics. Only limited(More)
Statistical parameters necessary for the comparison of herd blood beta hydroxybutyrate (HB) concentration means with HB concentrations in the general population were determined in 11 clinically normal herds of Holstein-Friesian cows. These parameters were then used to compare clinically normal cows from 2 Holstein-Friesian herds experiencing a high(More)
Seasonal trends in reproductive performance and size were examined among female Mansonia dyari. The incidence of parity ranged between 6.9 and 58.1% and averaged 22.5% during an 8-month interval, with 4 peaks in parous rate believed to follow periods of emergence. Parous rates were positively correlated with wing lengths, indicating size-dependent(More)
Under laboratory conditions, most colony and field-collected Aedes bahamensis Berlin females developed eggs autogenously when they had access to sugar. However, significantly fewer starved females were autogenous, and they produced smaller egg clutches. Autogenous fecundity covaried with wing length, and smaller females generally failed to express autogeny.(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of this article is to provide speech-language pathologists (SLPs) with a framework to address the communication problems of adolescents involved in violence. Although it is not considered to be a comprehensive framework for planning intervention programs, it will provide suggestions to assist SLPs to conceptualize their role in(More)