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We report three cases about the diagnostic imaging features of mediastinal choriocarcinoma and during follow up. Computed tomography proved to be more accurate than plain X ray to show the topography and volume of the mediastinal mass hence providing a better approach for biopsy and surgical ablation of the residual tumoral tissues. However, CT cannot(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging is an accurate technique in chest investigation, but is used less frequently than computed tomography. The sequences currently available allow visualisation of the mediastinum and chest wall. The most important clinical applications concern staging of tumours of the lung apex, evaluation of mediastinal tumours occupying the(More)
The authors report their analysis of the literature on the evaluation of intrathoracic extension of non-small-cell bronchial cancers to lymph nodes, using tomography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The criteria used to assess the metastatic character of a lymph node, the characteristics of the populations studied and the methods of(More)
An autoethnographic study was used to explore the combination capability of a project team that facilitates knowledge creation. Both emotional and analytical approaches contributed to the ability to ‘see’ knowledge creation. An emotional ‘ahha’ was associated with acknowledgement the team created something new. This ‘ahha’ occurred when an individual team(More)
We examine the effect of development and support mechanisms like quality of education, professional networks, workplace environment, family and spousal support on executive compensation. For a matched sample of CEOs and CFOs, we find that these mechanisms provide additional explanatory power in explaining the confirmed gender pay differentials. Controlling(More)
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