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Education has undergone major changes in recent years, with the development of digital information transfer, storage and communication methods having a significant effect. This development has allowed for access to global communications and the number of resources available to today’s students at all levels of schooling. After the initial impact of(More)
This paper looks at the present standing of ecommerce in Saudi Arabia, as well as the challenges and strengths of Business to Customers (B2C) electronic commerce. Many studies have been conducted around the world in order to gain a better understanding of the demands, needs and effectiveness of online commerce. A study was undertaken to review the(More)
Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), based on already well-researched Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), has been under vigorous scrutiny since recent developments in robot technology. Robots may be more successful in establishing common ground in project-based education or foreign language learning for children than in traditional media. Backed by its strong IT(More)
A shared file system is an integral component of all SAS® Grid Manager deployments, Enterprise Business Intelligence deployments with load balanced servers on multiple systems, and other types of distributed SAS applications. This paper explains how SAS software interacts with the file system and how a shared file system behaves differently from a(More)
Wounds have existed since the beginning of time. The interest in this subject has been stimulated in the main by conflict and war that have necessitated the development of new ways of managing wounds. In the 1960s the development of new materials that maintained a moist environment in the wound area encouraged a number of commercial companies to produce a(More)
OBJECTIVE This study set out to determine if cetuximab treatment increases the risk of wound healing complications when combined with radiation therapy. METHOD We performed a retrospective chart review of head and neck cancer patients who received salvage neck dissections between 1999 and 2007, at two academic tertiary care centres. Complications from(More)
BACKGROUND A multidisciplinary team within Vanderbilt Children's Hospital (VCH) designed, developed, and implemented a pediatric chemotherapy incident reporting and improvement system (CIRIS) for pediatric oncology nurse and pharmacists. The aim of this collaboration was to improve pediatric chemotherapy by translating recommendations made by the Institute(More)