Vicki J Tepper

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In three studies, core temperatures of immature chicks rose during immobilization induced by simulated predation and fell rapidly when immobilization terminated. Immobilization termination was predicted by proximity of the core temperature to the daily resting core temperature of adult fowl. Although immobilization duration increased with age and was(More)
BACKGROUND Neurodevelopmental impairment has been identified in children infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The frequency and spectrum of neurologic impairment are greater in children than those reported for adults. In children, HIV is known to enter the central nervous system early in the course of the disease. The presentation of pediatric(More)
The role of experience in the development of huddling preferences and sibling recognition by spiny mouse (Acomys cahirinus) weanlings was investigated. In the 1st experiment, pups separated from their littermates and fostered onto unfamiliar females (and their offspring) on the day of birth, Day 10, or Day 20, subsequently showed preferential huddling with(More)
OBJECTIVE Examine the 24-hr Recall Interview (24RI) for assessing children's antiretroviral medication adherence. METHODS Caregivers of 54 children with HIV (aged 2-12 years) completed a clinical adherence interview and the 24RI by telephone. Children's viral load and 3-month pharmacy records were obtained. RESULTS Thirty-seven percent of children(More)
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