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We report a kindred with three cases of dementia. The proband presented with forgetfulness and personality changes at age 56, followed shortly thereafter by behavioral dyscontrol, hyperphagia, hypersexuality, delusions, illusions, disinhibition and double incontinence. Neuroimaging studies were consistent with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). In one allele,(More)
Many factors influence alcohol absorption, yet few studies have addressed the issue of whether or not experimental manipulations themselves may affect alcohol absorption. The current balanced placebo design study comparing the expectancy effects of root beer and non-alcoholic beer vehicles resulted in significantly lower blood alcohol levels in the root(More)
OBJECTIVE Following a major life crisis, people may simultaneously report both significant distress and positive change or posttraumatic growth (PTG; Calhoun & Tedeschi, 2006). Accumulating evidence has suggested that in close relationships, PTG can be mutual, wherein 1 person's PTG is positively correlated with others' PTG (e.g., Manne et al., 2004).(More)
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