Vicki H. Allan

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This paper presents a flexible model for software pipelining using the petri nets. Our technique, called the Petri Net Pacemaker (PNP), can create near optimal pipelines with less algorithmic effort than other techniques. The pacemaker is a novel idea which exploits the cyclic behavior of petri nets to model the problem of scheduling operations of a loop(More)
Sixty women with urinary incontinence were treated by the Burch colposuspension operation and bladder neck plication. The pre- and postoperative clinical and urodynamic features of the 15 patients with recurrent incontinence were compared and contrasted with 45 women who were cured. Factors which were associated with failed surgery included increaseing age,(More)
Under timing constraints, local compaction may fail because of poor scheduling decisions. Su [SDWX87] uses foresight to avoid some of the poor scheduling decisions. However, the foresight takes a considerable amount of time. In this paper the Incremental Foresight algorithm is introduced. Experiments using four different target architectures show that the(More)
We consider false-name manipulation in weighted voting games (WVGs). False-name manipulation involves an agent, termed a manipulator, splitting its weight among several false identities in anticipation of power increase. False-name manipulation has been identified as a problem in WVGs. Indeed, in open anonymous environments, this manipulation can be easy(More)
Coalition formation in social networks allows many choices of which task to select and with whom to partner in the social network. Agents communicate with agents within n network links in their surrounding network. These agents are considered part of an agent’s local neighborhood. Agents maintain a database of skills possessed by agents in their local(More)