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The splitting of weights into smaller sizes by agents in a weighted voting game and the distribution of the new weights among several false identities with the intent of payoff or power increase in a new game consisting of the original agents as well as the false identities is called false name manipulation. In this paper, we study false name manipulations(More)
This paper discusses weighted voting games and two methods of manipulating those games, called annexation and merging. These manipulations allow either an agent, called an annexer to take over the voting weights of some other agents in the game, or the coming together of some agents to form a bloc of manipulators to have more power over the outcomes of the(More)
Coalition formation in social networks consisting of a graph of interdependent agents allows many choices of which task to select and with whom to partner in the social network. Nodes represent agents and arcs represent communication paths for requesting team formation. Teams are formed in which each agent must be connected to another agent in the team by(More)